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Why Use Our In-house E-mail Service?

Our e-mail marketing service is perfect for people who are looking for an e-mail marketing company that will provide all of the email marketing components done for you - a targeted e-mail list, a well-designed e-mail message and the actual sending of the e-mail marketing message.

You can send your own email campaign for as little as $149.97 for 10,000 emails. That is only $0.0015 per sent message.

We will find the perfect opt-in e-mail database for you based on your target demographic, design an e-mail message to be broadcast out to that e-mail list, send that message out and provide you with full reporting about your e-mail marketing campaign.

Your only responsibilities are to provide us with the text of the message or we can even write the copy and subject line for your.

After 72 hours after your campaign is complete, you will receive the results of your campaign. You will see how many people opened your e-mail message, how many people clicked through to your Web site or landing page and how many people opted out of your e-mail marketing campaign.

Benefits of using our in house e-mail marketing service:

  • The service is incredibly cost-effective and all of the work is done for you
  • We provide the custom e-mail list based on your target demographic (US only)
  • One of our designers will develop your e-mail message
  • We will broadcast your message out using our IPs and bandwidth
  • We will send you a custom report with your campaign’s results via email