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Discover your ideal e-mail list for your e-mail marketing campaigns. We know that one of the key factors in a successful e-mail marketing campaign is a high quality, targeted email list. This is where we help you find your perfect email list based on your criteria. Our 100% opt-in lists include geographic, gender and age information. There is no need to buy the list, you can rent it from us on a monthly basis.

We in-house database consists of approximately 143 million opt in e-mail addresses from different demographics and interests. Our e-mail lists are updated daily and are gathered from special interest Web sites, entertainment Web sites and special alliances.

You can request your e-mail addresses based on target demographic - whether you are looking for a business or consumer list—and we can further narrow the demographic based on geographic location, age, gender and even professional title.

What makes our e-mail list lease service superior to our competitors’:

  • Targeted and fresh large volume e-mail lists
  • No duplicates with the list
  • Can be narrowed by industry or other demographic targets
Use our leased list service with our Web based e-mail server!
Our web based e-mail marketing server was designed with one goal in mind - to create an on-line marketing platform that is simple and easy to use. More than just an e-mail and SMS text marketing platform, it is ideal for anyone who needs to send large volumes of e-mail including organizations, corporations and consumers. There is no need to worry about lack of bandwidth, ISP issues, servers or installing software, because all servers, hardware and bandwidth are provided and maintained by us.