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What is SMS text message marketing?   

SMS (Short Message Service) is a brand new and innovative communication system to stay in contact with your clients. Wireless text messaging (SMS) has become a easy to use means of communicating with your clients via their mobile phones. You can now instantly send your client a coupon, a promotional offer or any other message.

How SMS marketing works
You can create promotional SMS campaigns for specific business objectives, such as generating traffic during slow times, clearing overstock items and launching or featuring a new product or service.

For example, a Restaurant owner can send a special lunch promotion to a geographic specific group of cell phone user just before lunch time. We recommend that you use a promotion code to your track results.

That’s it! We do the majority of the work, and we’ll help you with your SMS campaign every step of the way. All you need to do is provide us with the text for your message, tell us your target market and when you want the promotion to go out—we’ll do it all.

Why text SMS marketing is effective:

Increase sales: SMS text message marketing is great for local businesses and retailers to promote their products and services. SMS text message marketing is an effective marketing tool for customer retention and to increase customer loyalty.

Mass alerts:
Since 80% of cell phone users carry their phones with them at all times, a text message is a great way to alert subscribers or clients of time sensitive messages, such as products on back order or the change or cancellation of an appointment.

Doctors and dentists can utilize SMS text messaging to remind their patients of upcoming appointments. You’ll never have to worry about calling your patients individually again to remind them of their scheduled appointments.

Benefits of text SMS marketing:
There are numerous benefits of including mobile marketing in your overall marketing strategy:

With 94% of all text messages are read by your client.

Qualified recipients:
You know your subscribers have an active interest in your business and your products—all your subscribers have opted-in to receiving your offers and promotional messages.

With text messages sent and received within minutes of starting your campaign, use your mobile marketing for off-hour sales in your store to clearing out certain items and overstock at a discounted price.